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1960-1961 Everett High School Football

Football Team

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The 1960-61 Everett High football team was undefeated with a 9 - 0 season record, and the team earned the No. 1 ranking in the state *Class AA. They outscored their opponents 228 - 31 and none of their opponents scored more than one touchdown. Defense was a definite strength as four of their nine wins were shutouts. The defensive unit was so confident they preferred to start the game by kicking off to force the opposing team to punt after its offensive series.

Dick Abrams was head coach as well as for the successful 1959-60 team that lost only to, then, powerhouse and No. 1 ranked Wenatchee High. So, the 1960-61 team’s victory over Wenatchee 6 - 0 was a very rewarding victory. Assistant coaches were Bill Dunn, Otto Smith, Harold Hoiby, and Jack O’Brien. Abrams was head coach for just the 1959-60 and 1960-61 seasons. He replaced the legendary, Jim Ennis, who became Everett School District’s Athletic Director in the fall of 1959. When Abrams left , Dunn became the head coach and remained so for nine years.

The team had many outstanding players including Washington All-State selections: fullback Mike Dyre, linemen Paul Lawrence and Chuck Tripp, and end Jack Meyers. Meyers was also named high school All-American. A good number of the 1960-61 seniors and juniors went on to play college football. Paul Lawrence was one of them and he returned to his Everett High alma mater as a teacher and coach and was assistant varsity football for seven years and head football coach for ten years. Senior, Dennis Scafe, was Everett High’s first soccer coach in 1970. Junior quarterback Terry Ennis became a very successful high school football coach that included eleven years at Cascade High and, briefly, before his first retirement in 2000, he was Everett School District Athletic Director.

* During the years 1958-1968, there were three classifications, B, A, and AA.

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Left to Right, Row 1 (standing): Head Coach Dick Abrams, Assistant Coach Bill Dunn; (seated): Dick Hall, Rick Goodrich, Gene Gaines, Darwin Paskett, Mike Dyre, Dennis Scafe, Jim Langus, Jack Myers, Team Captain Paul Lawrence, Chuck Tripp, Louis Hunsburger, Gene Lilley, Assistant Coach Harold Hoiby. Row 2 (standing): Assistant Coach Jack O’Brien, Larry Moormier, Andy LaMar, Gary Hjort, Carl Winsor, John Bomar, Floyd Perrson, Terry Ennis, Rocky Baily, Jim Snow, John Olson, Harry Platis, Darwin Fisher, Student Manager Rick Harvey, Assistant Coach Otto Smith. Row 3: Student Manager Joe Jimmicum, Student Manager, Gary Tapert, Al Bird, Fred Barrows, Lowell Larson, Ted Jensen, Ed Jones, Jim Goldfinch, Paul Dempsey, Larry Hart, Bill Sieg, Bill Watkins, Pat Reilly, Student Manager Mike Jones.

Not in Picture: Howard Bargreen, Tom Bird, Bob Blofeld, Patrick Boyle, Hills Collins, Tom Collins, Chris Dyre, Robert Dale, Tom Eckstrom, Larry Evans, Tom Furse, Ed Haskell, Larry Iversen, Errol Lee, Bill Marchand, Jim Mathis, Tony McMannis, Gene McCallister, Dick Menzel, Terry Pancoast, Volunteer Assistant Coach John Sievers, Randall Schank, Joel Solis, Dave Titus, Earl Tutton, Joe Viger, John Wallin, and Don Wallis.

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