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Captains' Jacob Brandvold & Michael Hill - Snohomish High School, Baseball - Class of 2020

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Our 2020 team was filled with an outstanding group of underclassmen who were led by our two Senior Captains Jacob Brandvold and Michael Hill.

Brandvold is a three sport athlete and was a Captain for the Football, Basketball and Baseball team. I can’t think of another athlete who has accomplished that feat which says a lot about what his teammates think of him. Jacob is committed to play Football at Whitworth University and would like to study either education or engineering.

Hill is another phenomenal kid who took a strong leadership role during our offseason. He led 10-20 athletes from September - January in strength and conditioning and also organized a baseball practice plan in January and February to prepare guys for the upcoming season. Michael is going to attend Everett Community College with plans of becoming a Teacher and Coach.

Pitching is what had us really excited for this Season as we had 4-5 returnees back on the mound as well as a couple exciting newcomers. Juniors Davis Buckner, Hayden Holobaugh, Grady Kentch and Easton Chrisman were the front liners with our staff and we expected those guys to eat up most of our innings on the mound. Sophomore Braden Wallace and Freshman Kale Hammer were two newcomers that I believe would’ve made a huge impact. Pitching was our strength and I do believe this group would’ve led us to a 3A State appearance with a chance to compete for the State Title.

Offensively, we also had a lot of key returnees from a team that averaged 8 runs a game during the 2019 season. Jacob Brandvold had the potential to hit .400. Davis Buckner, Drew Stultz and Grady Kentch are double/home run threats every time they step up to the plate (these guys put on quite a show when we hit batting practice on the field). Tanner Boswell, Easton Chrisman and Dylan Schwartzmiller would’ve fit right in the middle of our lineup and all had the potential to made a huge impact for our team. Michael Hill and Kyle Seymour also completed our offense with the ability to provide great speed and instincts on the base paths. I expected both Hill & Seymour to steal 20+ bases.

Overall this Team was exciting to work with for the week and a half we were together and us as a Coaching staff were very intrigued to see their potential. They showed discipline, pursued excellence, had a blue collar work ethic and did the right things on and off field. They represented the community of Snohomish in a great way!

Submitted by Nick Hammons, Snohomish HS Baseball Coach
@snohobaseball @sportshigh5