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image, SR 530 Oso Landslide
SR 530 Oso Landslide

Thank You


Hwy 530 - March 22, 2014 -10:37am-

A rumbling that lasted moments changed our future and the history of Darrington forever. From that time on, we saw the true heart of our local volunteers, firefighters, rescue workers, business owners, and all government agencies that responded. No questions asked. 

From that moment, you were chest deep in mud, elbows deep in food preparation, sorting, stacking and distributing donations, or paperwork depending on the role that best suited your talents. From that moment, you gave every resource you had, whether it was food, funding, or elbow grease. Many of you invested every waking moment helping us reassemble the shattered pieces of our lives.

You brought us comfort. You helped lift us up. And, now you are standing beside us as we are taking steps to strengthen this little town we lovingly call home.

The response to our tragedy was unprecedented. The “Logger Up” and “Get ‘R Done” attitudes were outstanding. 

  • Our Loggers and Citizens (Darrington and surrounding communities) - You were the first to dive in - setting the bar for the days to come.
  • Our Firefighters - For their commitment to saving who they could and their continued efforts.
  • Our local banking establishments, including Coastal Community Bank for the countless hours spent gathering and streaming funds for Slide Victims.
  • Our local business owners - You worked quietly in the background to be sure things were done. 
  • Red Cross, United Way, North County Family Support and Cascade Valley Hospital. Your commitment to serving the community has alway helped us prevail. 
  • Our Government Agencies - Forest Service, County and State Agencies, FEMA, SBA, National Guard and USAR teams for standing at our side during this time of strife.
  • Frontier Communications and their crews for their dedication to our community in reconnecting us to the world.
  • Sauk-Suittle Tribe, Snoqualmie Tribe, Stillaguamish Tribe, North Skagit Tribe, Swinomish Tribe and Tulalip Tribe for their contributions.
  • The Everett Herald for keeping the public informed on what was happening.

It will take time to walk through this grieving process. At times like this we know how strong our community can be. Even so, we know we don’t have to walk through it alone. No words could ever express our gratitude.


To each and every one of you for your time, resources, thoughts, prayers, love and support. 


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