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Mission, Vision & Values


We promote, develop and expand tourism into and within Snohomish County. We are the designated leader in developing a well funded, progressive, collaborative and ongoing marketing program. We encourage exploration and enjoyment of Snohomish County's diverse natural, cultural and recreational opportunities.


The Snohomish County Destination Alliance will be the catalyst of development of tourism and the progressive leader in the destination marketing of Snohomish County leading Snohomish County to become the exceptional visitor experience of the Pacific Northwest.


The Snohomish County Destination Alliance creates a culture of collaboration, inclusivity, responsiveness and transparency while upholding the values of honesty, respect and fairness in a progressive and welcoming environment.

Collaborative – Collectively working towards creating beneficial outcomes serving the greater good for the tourism economy of Snohomish County.

Fair – Operating in a reasonable and equitable manner keeping our policies and processes fair to benefit Snohomish County’s overall tourism efforts.

Innovative – Identifying and embracing progressive technologies and techniques to carry forward our mission.

Respectful - Always operating in a courteous and considerate manner.

Transparent – Sharing tourism information amongst our partners, visitors, customers, and constituents in open communication efforts to benefit Snohomish County.

Responsive – Continually assessing the needs of our visitors, customers, partners and constituents and responding in an appropriately timely fashion in a manner that benefits the whole.

Welcoming – Greeting and accepting visitors, customers, partners and constituents in a warm, friendly and approachable fashion.

Inclusive – Creating a hospitable and welcoming environment while recognizing, honoring and encompassing the diversity of Snohomish County’s tourism product in the fulfillment of our mission.

Honest – Operate in such a way that earns trust from our partners, constituents, and internal and external customers.