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The Outdoors Are Healing, Naturally

The scientific evidence is in, and it’s not surprising. The great outdoors does a world of good for your body, soul, and mind.

If you're looking for healing and restoration, you've come to the right place. 

Located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, just north of Seattle, Snohomish County offers outdoor recreation activities in abundance. Seattle NorthCountry is hemmed in by the Salish Sea to the west and the Cascade Mountains to the east and bisected by branching river basins. 

Find yourself in coniferous forests, waterfront trails, riverside rambles and literal mountaintop experiences. 

So how exactly can all this nature restore and reward? Let’s take a look. 

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Benefits of outdoor rec 

Hiking, walking your dog, or paddling around are fun, yes, but also an important investment in your physical health. These activities build strength and endurance, reduce blood pressure, and burn calories. 

The mental health benefits of outdoor rec are also remarkable. Time in nature relieves stress, reduces anxiety, and has even been shown to improve sleep! 

To connect with nature is to restore your relationship with the natural environment; everything falls into place when that connection is secured. 

Plus, getting into nature is just plain fun. Outside the grid of concrete and telephone wires lie forested, mountainous places where you can go to feel properly small in relation to the grandeur of nature. 

Build your mind and body by visiting the wilds of the Pacific Northwest. 

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The blessings of forest bathing  

How can you be mindful in a world that scatters your attention through social media, nonstop news, and tons of incoming data? How can you once more inhabit your body and your senses? 

Head for the trees.  

The Japanese method of “forest bathing” is now practiced internationally. The idea is to go into the forest and get in touch with your senses. Breathe deeply, feel the air, listen to the boughs whispering in the wind. See? You can already feel how relaxing it is! 

A Japanese study found that forest bathing can lower cortisol levels and thereby reduce stress and anxiety levels. Moreover, forest bathing can increase focus, creativity, and overall cognitive functioning. 

Yay for creative, functional brains! 

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Where to go  

As if you needed another reason to get out there... be sure to check out our hiking guide for the best trees. Surf around our website for the best places to recreate in the Stillaguamish-Sauk and Snohomish-Skykomish River Valleys. Enjoy your stay here, and return restored and rewarded for your time in nature. 


The Stillaguamish-Sauk River Valleys = backpacking, car camping, flyfishing, mountain biking & swimming.


The Snohomish-Skykomish River Valleys = kayaking, rafting, strolling, hiking, skiing & snowboarding.

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