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Sports Facilities

Evergreen Equestrian Park

The Evergreen Equestrian Park is comprised of a 60,000 sq ft indoor arena (with a 26,000 sq ft dirt show ring and 2,700 permanent bleacher seats); one covered outdoor arena, three uncovered arenas, lunging areas, 402 box stalls in four barns, wash racks, area for placement of portable stalls, three restroom facilities (showers), convenient trailer and RV parking.

For Rent:

Indoor Arena - For rodeos, Equestrian seminars, Expos & auctions - events charging admission, renting less than 120 stalls.

Horse Shows
(renting more than 120 stalls, 2 day minimum)
Daily rate:   - Arena Package (all Arenas and lunging areas)
Daily rate: - Indoor Arena #100 & Outdoor Covered Arena #101 combo
Daily rate: - Indoor Arena #100 only (109' x 239')
Daily rate: - Covered Outdoor Arena #101 only (100' x 200')
Daily rate: - Uncovered Outdoor Arena #110 only (128' x 254')
Daily rate: - NE Uncovered Outdoor Arena #109 only (130' x 200')
Daily rate: - Uncovered Outdoor Ring #111 only (73' x 164')
Daily rate: - Arena Club Room #100A only - 7am-9pm
Daily rate: - Arena Club Room #100A only - 4 hours or less

NEW - Fire Marshal Special Event/Inspection Fee - flat rate

Gate Attendant (mandatory) - $ per day

Stalls: $ per day per unbedded stall (402 10'x10' box stalls available). Bedding available for an additional charge. Additional charges for portable stalls, haul-ins, shavings disposal, food service, and vendor electrical.

Call for current rates.


14405 179th Ave SE
Monroe, Washington

Phone: 360-805-6706

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