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The Reptile Zoo

Proprietor Scott Petersen calls himself The Reptile Man. He houses 200 creatures in his menagerie at the Reptile Zoo (also known as the Washington Serpentarium), including 75 species of chameleons, scorpions, turtles, and spiders big and small. His collection of snakes is scary: rattlesnakes, pythons, cobras and mambas. If you're brave enough, you can even hold some of the animals in this zoo! 

Most unusual – and a definite kid-magnet for its “gross” factor.  It has enough crawly, slithery, scary critters to send kids into absolute ecstasy. The Reptile Man, Scott Petersen, has created an amazing zoo of 200 creatures including more than 50 snakes: rattlesnakes, pythons, cobras and mambas.  Other caged critters include chameleons, lizards, scorpions and spiders; big tortoises amble around the yard. Kids can touch the scales of certain zoo inhabitants, feel them slither on an arm or observe as they take a meal. Children must be at least three years old. Plan your next birthday party here. 

Open year-round, Mon-Sun 10am-6pm. Call ahead to learn feeding times or make group reservations.

Watch the video to learn more

22715 Highway 2
Monroe, Washington

Phone: 360-805-5300

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