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See a Show at Lucky Dime in Everett

Lucky Dime in Everett is a live music venue, gallery, beer bar, and all-around great hangout. Bring some food, friends, and even your dog for a fantastic night out. Feel like taking the stage yourself? Lucky Dime’s themed karaoke nights twice a month are your chance to be a star for the night.

Whether you head to Hewitt Avenue in downtown Everett for an elegant dinner, drinks at a dive bar, or even antiquing, you’re sure to notice a buzz. The arts scene is vibrant, unpretentious, and most importantly, lots of fun. The secret formula that keeps an interesting crowd coming back for more requires just three ingredients: art, drinks, and music. When a gallery is also a fun place to see a show and catch up with friends, art lovers can linger and will be back month after month. 

Lucky Dime owner Alex Vincini says opening a venue was his fate. “I really didn’t have much say in the matter, to be honest. I grew up going to shows with my family, and my dad was in a punk band in Seattle in the ‘90s,” he explained. “It seemed very normal and comforting to always be in that environment.”  

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And since he’s a painter and designer too, Vincini understands how important it is to provide space for visual artists. You can’t miss Lucky Dime’s checkerboard patio that blends perfectly with the tile floor inside. The friendly front gallery space has tables so you can bring your own food, and even your dog is welcome. Toward the back, you can grab beer, wine, or cider at the bar while you marvel at Lucky Dime’s extensive VHS collection. It’s a perfect downtown hangout in the evening for unwinding with coworkers or board games with friends. 

In a few hours, the real fun begins. “Everett’s music scene is vibrant, and it needs your eyes and ears,” Vincini explained as he told the story of the band Steel Beans’ recent breakout success. “Now they’re about to tour with Tenacious D after playing Everett and Snohomish County almost exclusively for 15 years without nearly enough acknowledgment. The attention we give these young, hopeful creatives can change their lives and in turn change ours with their gift of expression.” 

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Of course, the best music venue is one where everyone has a chance to be part of the show. The first and third Thursdays are reserved for themed karaoke nights hosted by musician and artist Alex Johnston. He’s been embedded in Everett’s arts scene since 2016, producing folktronica and ambient music and playing at Black Lab GalleryUrban YogisEMI events, Fresh Paint, and Sorticulture.  

"We celebrate all types of music and art from every walk of life, come see for yourself.” 

After establishing himself as a top karaoke fan at Lucky Dime, Johnston was given the chance to host his own themed karaoke nights. If you want to sing, Johnston will find any song you request. Pick from his list, though, and you’ll get $2 off your next drink.  

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“I love the variety each person brings. Every night is a surprise and when life feels mundane or heavy as it often can, karaoke is a good release,” Johnston explained. “Some people use the word ‘escape’ when they go out and party, but I feel like it is more of an immersion into human experience, and I love that!”  

Vincini and Johnston both describe Lucky Dime as a fun, supportive space to bring old friends and meet new ones. “Lucky Dime is your local CBGB,” Vincini said. “It's intimate, vibrant, and full of incredible expression. We celebrate all types of music and art from every walk of life, come see for yourself.” 


1618 Hewitt Avenue

Everett, WA


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