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Edmonds is a walkable waterfront town with inviting sandy beaches, stunning views, and engaging public art.

On the waterfront, shingle mills, which boomed at the turn of the century, have given way to a scenic jetty and waterfront walkway. Where coastal steamers once took on their cargoes of freshly cut timber, Edmonds’ beaches are now designated marine sanctuaries, and scuba divers from all over the nation come to explore the underwater dive park at Brackett’s Landing. Today’s waterfront includes four beautiful beachfront parks, a popular 900-foot fishing pier, an award-winning marina, and restaurants and cafes with spectacular views.

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Accented by art, flowers, and vintage street lamps, the pedestrian-friendly downtown reflects the scale and design elements of the past with the Carnegie Library Historical Museum, a log cabin Visitor Center, a 1920’s Art Deco movie theater, and the Art Moderne auditorium renovated as Edmonds Center for the Arts. Fanning out from the central fountain, enjoy sidewalk cafes, art galleries, and shopping for boutique clothing, garden supplies, hardware and unique housewares. Browse through travel specialty shops, and one of a kind jewelry, wine, book and antique stores while exploring the downtown.  

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