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Woodway, Washington is located at the southern section of Snohomish County along the Puget Sound, near Edmonds.

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Woodway was founded in 1912 when David Whitcomb, Sr. purchased the original 320 acres. Mr. Whitcomb wanted to live in the country, and because of this preference he developed the Woodway community by establishing deed restrictions of two-acres minimums with large setbacks. In the early 1950's nearby development was inching towards Woodway, threatening to encroach its territory, until a grassroots effort provided development protection and gave Woodway independence as a community. Woodway's history lives on in the city's present day policies. The bedroom community's 600 acres are currently zoned for only single-family dwellings, and must be on at least 1/3-acre lots.

Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Information

Town of Woodway23920 113th Pl W
Woodway, WA 98020

Phone: 206-542-4443

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