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The Salish Sea offers a bounty of seafood. 

An inlet of the Pacific Ocean, Puget Sound is an incredible inland sea interconnected waterways, rich with nutrients. These conditions create ideal conditions for salmon, rockfish, shellfish, and all manner marine life, which means it's a seafood lover's delight.

Best Seafood In Seattle NorthCountry

The freshest seafood comes directly from the waters of the Salish Sea, also known as the Puget Sound, and if hip waders and fly casting aren’t your thing, it’s okay to have someone else catch, gut, and flay the fish for you. May we recommend the following places?

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Salish Sea Coastal Communities

Snohomish County has over 90 miles of coastline to explore and is located near Urban Basecamp and the Sauk and Stillaguamish River Valleys in Snohomish County, Washington.

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