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image, Everett Public Market
Everett Public Market


How the best little PNW city you’ve never heard of is embracing its history and investing in the future.  

A beloved family business survives the pandemic by evolving its approach to incorporate plant-based food for an urban clientele. A food co-op invests in the health and future of its community by reclaiming a historic building and giving back to local farmers.  

Everett is the Can-Do city. Historically a gritty mill town, this urban hub is home to artists, small businesses, and forward-thinkers of all kinds. Small enough to easily navigate, yet big enough to foster culture. And there’s plenty of the grit and hustle left over from lumber mill days. 

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Learn why small businesses and entrepreneurs thrive in Downtown Everett, WA (and why you should definitely visit this hidden PNW treasure).  


Rethinking the future of Everett.

There is something magical about old Everett architecture. This mill town produced in its heyday the most durable buildings of simple and elegant form, constructed from quality materials. Increasingly, these buildings and storefronts are occupied by small business owners and restauranteurs reclaiming historic urban spaces. 

The businesses featured here prove that historic infrastructure can provide a more than suitable aesthetic home for burgeoning ventures and startups. 

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