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Western Heritage Center

The Western Heritage Center is a great interactive museum of mining, logging, agriculture and wildlife in Northwestern Washington.  Kids can gawk at noisy machinery, including an 1880s-era drill press powered by giant belts tied to a waterwheel outside the building. This exhibit is and will be designed to spark the interest of the visitor as well as educate him or her on just how exciting and creative people had to be to survive without TV and cell phones.

Committed to preserving the stories of the Snohomish River Valleys and sharing the local history, the interactive, kid-friendly displays and guided tours feature the history of logging, mining and construction, transportation, and agriculture in Snohomish County. Seed drills, drag saws, potato diggers, gas pumps, vintage John Deere tractors, and more will showcase the history of and the mechanized growth in agriculture, logging, mining and transportation. A waterwheel powers several computer-controlled displays inside the 56’ x 40’ facility. Open 10am-5pm Wed-Sat, 12pm-5pm Sun. Other times available for groups and classrooms.

Take a tour and bring your kids for a great day or night of real reality! Located at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds, Bldg 611.

14405 179TH Ave SE
Monroe, Washington 98272

Phone: (425) 232-3493